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 Live Music

Wednesday Nights  8:00pm-10pm.  

     (Local bands)

 (Please look at Facebook for our schedule.)

For Bookings,

please contact Jeremy Wllis



Friday & Saturday       Accordion Joe.

  (Polka )  6:00-9:00pm

Happy Hour   

Introducing A New MIDWEEK Happy Hour!!!!!

Twice a day!

33% off

all M/P/L &  P/L/G draft beers.

That means “essentially” buy two get one free!

Many German & American beer to choose from!

Tuesday -Thursday 4 p.m. -5:30 p.m.

And 10 p.m. until close!


On draft now from


  Saur Kuss

Our Oak aged sour, hints of Bourbon and a subtle, natural lactic kiss!   “No dosing here”

 Imperial Chunkylog Brown IPA

7.5% ALC.  Big and hoppy.  Solid malt backbone and well attenuated. Nice and bitter!


Grover Cleaveland

Steam Beer

A real German “Damph” beer.   Larger yeast, warm fermentation!


Dr Whovels

Our love for Hoevels beer was so strong , we made a clone!

Thanks for another award TBT!




Saturday mornings during the season.  

Come in at 9:30 AM and watch the match, with a breakfast menu.




We do not take reservations 

There may be limited large party

seating availability on Weekends.

We are able to RENT

our beer hall room for parties up to 32.

Please call The manager for availability.

 Rare & Aged Bottle Collection Policy!

On-line you will find a list of “rare & Aged” beers. Some of which are seasonal and many are one-offs.
  I attempt to carry those beers in stock, but many are very limited.  You need to ask your server to check the collection.  It may take a few weeks before you see those bottles again in stock again, however they may remain on the list for the time-being.   A few exceptions include very unique bottles such as Cantillon.
  I maintain a private stock personally and add a few of these beers weekly to “aged & rare collection” for you to purchase and consume here in the restaurant.  They are not for sale to-go.  You may only buy one at a time.  
   It takes a little bit of luck, and the more often you are here, the greater the chance you will find one of these bottles in the collection.  I hope this fosters a greater appreciation for these beers by the more novice beer drinker. And weeds out the professional “beer trader” just trying to make a buck on the back of these very special brewers.

Prosit  JB



Parking Hints!


 Please use the parking lot north of the pond for additional parking.

 Or check behind the restaurant.

You may park in the “Hanger Clinic ” lot in the evenings. Just across the pond to the north!


 Catering Menu 

(Pick up only)

Please Call Kat @ 813 977-4104 to order.

Assorted 30 & 50 liters Beer kegs Available $199 & up.

Cheese Platter   Serves 12/      $59

German Meat Platter   Serves 12/    $55

Sliced Sausages w/Kraut Platter   Serves 12 /   $45

Imported German Rye Platter Serves 12    $30

Assorted Sandwich Platter Serves 15    $59

Grilled Individual Sausages    $2.59. each

 German Potato Salad

Warm $4.99 per pound/ Cold 5.99  Per pound

Red Cabbage, Wien Kraut, Slaw $5.99  Per pound

Saurbraten in Gravy   Serves 8   $69

Imported German Pretzels   $1.99 ea.  Frozen

Cheese Spatzle   Serves 7-10     $59

Curry Wurst Platter    $59

Wilted Spinach and Bacon Salad   Serves 10-12   $35

Cucumber and Dill Salad   $5.99 Per pound.

Curried Pork & Beef Meatballs   $49

Kassler Rib   (Per loin)     $59

Baked Leberkase (Loaf)    $49

Obatzda Spread    $14 Per pound.

Hungarian Pork Gulasch   $49   Serves 8.

Landjager Pork & Beef Sticks   Per pound.

Schwienbraten Pork Roast   Serves 7  $59

Imported Waffle Cookies   $15

Apfelstrudel   Serves 6   $24.99

Pigs in a Blanket Tray   Serves15 $30

Corn Soufflé Tray   $ 39

Mini Meat Pies $59

Rent our beer Hall for parties up to 32 people.

Catering menu applies, no kegs available in haus.





Late Night Menu

late nightjpg222

Home brewing Club Meeting.



Home brewing club

Meets every 1st Tuesday 7:30



Buy A Growler!


 Every Monday night!

team trivia image


TRIVIA RULES                                        

Come and share your knowledge and maybe even win a prize!

Every Monday   7:00 p.m.



past events






Stein contest.PSprojnew

amercain beer week

To celebrate I have dug into the cellar! (this week)

 Rare Bottles (Some only 1 bottle) will be added to to the rare and aged beer list.

(You can not buy these to go)

First come, first drink,   This week

I might throw in a Cantillon as well!               Merca!

This week on draft will be

Last snow
Hop Slam

and more…..

Tuesday  26th

Come in and party with us.  Today is King’s day!

We will have La Trappe Bock and Witte on draft,

with some cool swag to give away! 

7:00 p.m.

kings day

vehag breweryCome in tonight Monday the 28th and meet the owner and brewer of some of the best examples of West Flanders beer!


Tampa bay Beer Week 2016

tampa beer week 2014

tbbeer week 2013


tbbw 2015 810posternewsold out






Our  Oktoberfest  

Begins Oktober

1st – 25th  Each Weekend

(Thursday- Sunday)

 (The real one starts September 19th in Munchen )


  • Live Musik
  • Balloon bust,  Drink a liter win a prize.
  • Purchase a boot or mug and drink all month…. $7 LITERS of any mpl draft.
  • Sample real fest food, just like you were at the Wiesn.     
  • Drink a liter and enter to win a authentic $200 Oktoberfest stein!
  • Sing along booklets, mug holding contests, Beer pong!   
  • Meet German brewers 
  • Biggest selection of German and local Oktoberfest style beers on draft! 








rody rodeback

Wednesday  Sept 30th

Join Mr. Dunderbak’s for a rare opportunity to meet Rodenbach’s Master Brewer, Rudi Ghequire!

Hang out with the man who has brewed more sour beer than anyone alive, and taste some of his amazing classic sours paired with specialty cheeses. Featuring: Rodenbach Grand Cru, Rodenbach Vintage, Rodenbach Classic and Rodenbach Caractere Rouge and more. $35 per person, and space is limited
 All guests will receive a complimentary signed bottle.

Limited seating… only 25 seats.

More Info


La Chouffe Gnome Week

Try Three beers on draft this weekend.

Each beer gives you a ticket to win a prize

Saturday & Sunday   9/18-19th

Chouffe lore tells us that 6,666 years ago, a village of gnomes discovered magical water in the Cedrogne Spring, an area that would become Belgium. Many years later, the region’s last surviving gnome passed their secret recipe on to two aspiring Belgian brewers, who used it to create Chouffe beer.

This year, Chouffe celebrated its 6,666th anniversary with Gnome Week, a series of events that culminated in The World’s Smallest Toast, as bar patrons around the country raised their miniature Chouffe mugs at 6:66 p.m. to celebrate the enormous contributions of these tiny creatures. Enjoy 3 exceptional offerings from this unique Belgian brewery. Explore variety sample and receive gifts.






(813) 977-4104


14929 Bruce B Downs Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33613     Near U.S.F.     In Tampa Palms.


Mon 4:00p.m.–10:30p.m.

Tuesday Wednesday -Thursday  11.30a.m–11.00p.m.

Friday -Saturday  11.30a.m–11.30 p.m.    Maybe a little later!

Sunday  12;00p.m.–10:00p.m.